As a standard, VBOS has a highly sophisticated section called “Automation Central” built using “event driven” architecture. Based on conditions such as acquiring a new customer or calculating a customer that has not been with your company for 30 days, the system can send out welcome letters, or create a reminder email that they should pay to continue to enjoy your excellent service without interruption. Automation Central can automate much of your company’s day-to-day routine activities, such as:

  • Downloading and rating CDR’s
  • Blocking service for delinquent customers from all of your underlying carriers
  • Running bill runs
  • Provisioning and collecting status information
  • Activating and communicating with customers
  • Creating and tracking work lists for employees


You can easily control these automatic actions by filling out templates and building rules into the system. While automations run when the event or designated time occurs, you can set these automations for your users. Once set up, they will run automatically until you change the automation templates.
Setting up a new billing automation is simple, please view the screenshots below for a step-by-step procedure:







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