VBOS software is designed in easily configured modules. VBOS offers a set of modules for VoIP Carriers that support the complete Voice Over Internet Protocol operations from ordering, drop shipping inventory, provisioning, activation, rating, billing, and collections.

Through the VBOS standard SDK, the VBOS system can hook directly up to a telecom switches, gateways, and servers so the system can automatically accept orders over the Internet or from customer service input, automatically check credit or validate credit cards, and then automatically provision. The system can automatically cut off service for non-payment or other business rules.

The VBOS package system supports the many and varied combinations of free and Friends and Familyâ minutes. The standard VBOS rating handles the usage, and is sophisticated enough to handle the VoIP-to-VoIP calls, the call forwarding, the on-net calls, and the off-net calls. The standard VBOS billing is flexible enough to render elegant paper or electronic bills, and auto-debit credit cards or ACH accounts.

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