Automation is the key to running a successful prepaid operation. Whether the application is local, wireless, or VoIP, automation turns a labor-intensive operation into a very smooth and manageable operation; VBOS offers this automation.

With Local, VBOS automates Order Capture by being tied directly to the original RBOC’s, and automatically fills out the order from the original ILEC pulled Customer Service Record (CSR). VBOS automatically prepares the provisioning forms and allows them to be changed manually or overlaid with a predefined package. When the provisioning information is designated as ready, the system automatically sends up the order and tracks the order through to completeness. The system will automatically warn of non-renewals and block or discontinue service for non-payment. Restoring of service is equally automatic.

With wireless, VBOS is directly tied into systems such as Sprint PCS systems and Verizon Wireless, or switches such as Alcatel Lucent, allowing for direct provisioning and automatic tracking of status through completion. The system can view the usage, downloading the usage (CDR’s) every few minutes, and rating and applying rules to the usage. VBOS can automatically send out SMS text messages warning users to replenish their minutes, or shut off accounts over limit.

With VoIP, VBOS can be interfaced to switches, gateways, and the like to provision, bill, and manage the usage.

All these applications can take advantage of VBOS’s ability to interface with IVR systems, where users can automatically find out their balances, replenish their minutes, and interact with their accounts via phone or use the provided websites to interact with their accounts.

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