VBOS has modules that support and directly connect to the entire original Bell RBOC’s plus the original GTE. These modules support the direct “Pre-Order” activity, such as going directly into the ILEC customer database and pulling down the Customer Service Record (CSR) just by typing in the Billing Telephone Number (BTN). Once VBOS has the CSR, it parses the customer and order information and stores it in the database, so the information can be used to automatically form a new order to be provisioned (sent back to the ILEC as an order) or store it for historical purposes. The system can validate addresses, offer alternatives, pull down new telephone numbers, and other like services necessary for successful provisioning. The system can send orders to all the original RBOC’s as well as the original GTE (Verizon West).

VBOS can also automatically pull or receive Daily Use Files (DUF-CDR) records, automatically rate them and, if desired, automatically bill them. In Prepaid applications, VBOS can be set up to automatically notify customers to renew their service, and automatically block service or cut off those that do not.

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