Design Considerations

Historically, competitors products were designed to support single-service offering to providers (e.g. long distance, local, wireless, or VoIP). VBOS’s was designed for telecom providers who are trying to win with bundled or converged services and value-added services. The flexibility VBOS has built into its new offerings allows the providers to:

  • Differentiate themselves by delivering a superior customer experience with our powerful, flexible, web-based system
  • Deliver an easy-to-use interaction to purchase, add, or change products and services
  • Align and package services in sensible, easy-to-understand formats
  • Provide more instantaneous customer gratification by immediately distributing what was sold
  • Provide improved customer service and response time and accuracy
  • Using VBOS’s Event Driven Architecture to replace labor-intensive procedures with single click actions such as automating billing, provisioning, letter and email preparation, and other costly practices
  • Have agility in changing products, services, automated procedures, and the like
  • VBOS is more complete From order acquisition to billing, from prospect tracking to CRM, from executive level reporting to highly sophisticated rating automatic billing, and provisioning, commission generation, letter generation, and report generation

VBOS’s OSS/BSS design compares favorably to other OSS/BSS players with more opened standards and more configurable and provider maintainable software.

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